Magnetic Pull

This project was originally drafted on piece of scrap paper with the concepts being approved from a rough sketch and implementation began. Existing overbearing hedge became the backbone for the project. It created a space that gave an excellent place for this project to start.

One of the needs addressed was to create a place for people to gather. This was accomplished by bumping out seating areas and installing large, native boulders to create privacy and define smaller spaces. These spaces were all connected with a curving walkway which lead to an adjacent area of the facility. This took on a creek-like feel. Berms of soil held back by boulders accentuated this feeling. The project was completed with colorful, low growing, blooming shrubs and weeping evergreens and high impact, low growing perennials. Blooming crab apples add vertical pull to the horizontal landscape.

Project type: Commercial

Services provided: Landscape designer, consultant, plant sales


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