Restored Entertainment Area with Water Feature

Renovating an existing landscapeBackyard Patio with Water

Landscaping is an evolving art. In landscape design the design never stops evolving, it is constantly changing. Plants need dividing, shrubs and trees sometime die. Wood mulch needs replacing, etc…Sometime the use of the yard changes so adjustments have to be made to hardscaping as well. This is the case with this landscape renovation. The client did not like how his existing stained and molded concrete patios keep cracking. They also wanted more room for their grandchildren to run, and wished for more dining space, and a possible fire pit area.

The difficulty of this project was removing the old concrete patio, along with an existing raised concrete pad under a porch that
brought one into the kitchen of the residence. By redoing the staircase to the back kitchen door and bringing it down to the grade of the patio, we gained much needed more usable space. We also added paver space that could be used either with a fire pit, or to accommodate extra guests for dining. Leading up from the driveway to the new paver circular patios, was a large stone staircase retained by massive outcropping rock which helped unify the existing water feature. The entire area still put the focus on a beautiful waterfall that was designed and installed a few years previous.

Part of an adjacent lot was cleaned out, and more lawn was installed which was outlined with outcropping rock and flanked with blooming shrubbery, evergreens and perennials. To add impact to this newly planted area, several tall weeping spruce were planted.

Shortly after this project was completed, the clients moved. I’m sure they’ll miss this beautiful outdoor living space!

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