Gardens used for quiet reflection

Susan Murphy-Jones' backyard is wonderful setting for quiet reflectionIt all started in a garden. The beginning of man’s relationship with the earth and the source of life began in a garden. Gardens can mean different things to different people depending on where they are, what they need, or what they’re doing. Even the simple act of gazing out a window at a garden or stand of trees can aid in healing and peace. In this busy world, it is so important to relate with the healing aspect of nature. Ever-changing nature holds the secret to life. It has a way to take one’s worries away. It has a way to bring peaceful certainty at the end of a day, or the end of a life. Calming our busy minds helps us live longer and in better relationship with one another. Walking up a mountainside or witnessing a hummingbird flit on the backyard monarda: it doesn’t matter which, because nature has a way of captivating the human spirit, lifting and renewing it.

True satisfaction does not come from things or accomplishments. In fact, technology seems to amplify mental noise. Like many of you, I get strung-out at times with the bombardment of thought. When a person needs healing or calming down, a walk in the woods, a climb up a hill, or a stroll in the backyard garden usually will help direct the spirit. It allows the mind to drift from everyday concerns by enticing with the smallest of beautiful things. This brings one into the moment, like a mini vacation inviting stillness in one’s life. There is no better healer than the earth; it takes things and changes them, renewing and creating constantly. It is also very important to introduce the young to the secrets of nature so that their awareness can grow with comfort and certainty of hope for the future.

During these times of so much discouragement, I encourage all of us to garden, plant, and nurture the spirit within us. Share your love of nature with all around you. Take yourself and your loved ones for a walk in the woods, a picnic at the beach, or visit to county or state park. Be open to the quietness. Happy gardening!

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