The Man’s Shed

A “Man Shed” worth bragging about!The Man's Shed

This couple came from large family and often has large gatherings. They wanted an open landscape design that welcomed their relatives and friends. The area of Wisconsin that this project is located in is punctuated repeatedly with gigantic round granite boulders. One sees them in the fields, along the roads, and pushed away here and there. Landscape Solutions tries to use what is available or indigenous to an area. In this plan you will see how these wonderful round boulders were used.

This particular project was to design a rustic environment around a newly built large shed. The building needed to be accessed from all sides. This is not your typical shed. Its’ exterior finishing far exceed the norm! The landscape had to complement the buildings’ exterior and connect it with an outdoor fire pit area, along with a walkway to the residence.

This project integrates several types of hardscaping surfaces creating interest and diversity. To do just one paving surface under the shed canopy would have been boring, so Landscape Solutions mixed a variety of paver patterns, borders, and flagstone. All of these surfaces harmonize in color with the cultured stone exterior. Large stone benches give the kids someplace to sit.

Secondary walkways are made of giant sheets of flagstone which are filled with cobbles. Large outcropping rock that came from the site helps define and create sitting places around the gravel based fire pit area. These large granite boulders also add interest to the planting beds. They were also integrated into the sandbox area for the kids. Now, how much fun is that! Plant materials were predominately ornamental grasses, but some evergreen, deciduous blooming shrubs, and perennials also were planted to help soften the rock.

This is a fun landscape for both adults and children!

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