Walkway Flow

Keeping It Quaint

This project incorporated several different aspects that needed addressing.
• The grade of the garage floor elevation was raised before we began the landscape restoration affecting the grade of the walkways.
• Even though the clients loved flowers and beautiful landscaping they didn’t want to be slaves to maintenance.
• They wanted to unify the garage, front door, and the backyard pool area.
• They had an existing walkway leading from the pool to a second gravel driveway on the other side of the residence. This walkway needed to be added onto.
• The client had a request of an unusual edging that I had not installed before.
• The residence had a quaint country feel, and I didn’t want the landscape to overtake the home. So, I wanted to keep it simple, but interesting!
The clay paver used in the existing pool area was going to stay in place. For continuity, that same paver was also selected to be used throughout the new project.
The walkways around the residence were developed to flow nicely from the front to the back. Perennials and shrubs were used to soften the areas. The side driveway was addressed by negotiating the drop with some large stone steps, boulders, and lighting.
A curving 5’ walkway graced the front of the residence. A small entry patio allows for a couple of people to sit and have a conversation. Granite boulders were used for terracing, repeating and complimenting the cobble work on the front of the home.
All beds were outlined with a two cobble paver system that accented the planted beds nicely, and also allowed the client to use their garden mower.

Sub-contractor: Landcrafters, Wausau

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