Knee Wall Fire Pit Design

The clients for this project wanted a fire pit, but done in a different fashion. Instead of centering the fire pit in the middle of the patio, we integrated it into the knee wall design. When using the fire pit the group fans out around the front of the pit, instead of around a central pit. The homeowner came up with this concept after seeing something similar in a magazine. This design concept allows for greater possibilities for future patio use. When large groups gather there is more place for dining, but that dining area can be modified when needed.

We extended the fire pit area with a complimentary patio that connected to the lower level of the residence. This larger patio area is the main outdoor dining spot for the family.

We kept the landscape simple by accenting with a few granite boulders to help unify the space. We softened the design with perennials.

Because it was located on quite a steep slope a few sandstone steps were used to transition the grade on to the patio.

Sub-contractor: Ostrowski Landscaping

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