Gas Fireplace, Natural Look

My client’s request was to relocate her existing hot tub, and create an outdoor gas fire pit area adjacent to their already existing deck.

My idea was to completely open up one end of her existing deck and construct large platform steps down to a fire pit area. Also at this time I asked her to consider building a platform off her existing deck to locate her hot tub. My goal was to make it a walk-in, which would also be accessible from the fire pit grade.

In this case the existing grade worked well for us because of its’ falling grade from the existing deck. However, to make the fire pit more accessible for company we needed to lift the grade of that area. We accomplished this by compacting up to 4’ of fill behind some massive granite boulders, forming the outline for the fire pit area.

The client wanted a gas fireplace with a natural look. I designed a circular feature so guest could gather around, but also naturalized the gas feature with lava rock and fake logs. This looks very realistic when lit and provides just the right amount of flame and heat.

Best of all, the hot tub is easily accessible now with no steps to get into it.

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