Open Up The Front Entry

My client’s wishes were to give their commercial building a new, more innovated look.

Analyzing the site my first instinct was to “open up” the front entry. This would draw the customers to the front door. The existing landscape formed a tunnel to the front creating more of a bowling alley affect. After opening up the area visually, I thought retaining the site with some metallic like block would add some interest and masculinity to the design. I also accented the walls with some large natural boulders, and complimented the landscape with rock and wood mulches.

The other request from the owners was to make the landscape easy to maintain while connecting it to the existing site. I accomplished this by re-grading the front entry area creating a bigger grass area, and adding just enough shrub and evergreen materials to accent both the hardscape and the front door. I flanked the walkways with several varieties of low growing colored sedums which should form a blanket of color in the summer.

Instead of using pavers as the hard surface leading to the door we decided to use complimentary colored concrete which helped contrast the color of the walls and accenting the entry.

There is no mistake where to go now!

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