All In The Details

I really have to give Landcrafters Landscaping credit for hanging in there with this last project. It was completed the last week of November just in time for the first snow fall.

This older residence needed up-grading and maintenance. Instead of ripping out and redoing an existing patio off the side of the garage we cleaned it, sealed it, and sanded it with polymer sand. A few of the pavers needed resetting but overall it turned out great. We also pulled out old shrubbery and added just a few new items keeping the overall look sparse, and clean.

After that large sheets of flagstone connected the existing patio to another walkway that lead around the platform deck to the new fire pit area. As part of this phase large outcropping rock was brought in for both impact and retaining. A gorgeous view also revealed itself when the client took down several trees opening up the view from the home to the raven outback.

All of the previous work leads one to the new fire pit area which was outlined with knee walls and columns. Great care was taken in detailing the pavers.

Last but not least the client had some subtle low voltage lighting installed which highlights the outcropping rock and tree canopy. Beautiful.

A great way to end the year!

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